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CCATS launches new virtual wellbeing centre

CCATS are pleased to announce the development of a new a virtual wellbeing centre which offers a series of webinars for organisations who employ individuals who may have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Statistics indicate that over 90% of employees within the United Kingdom have faced challenges to their wellbeing in 2020 alone. Many employers have reported a general decline in the emotional and physical wellbeing of their employees as a result of Covid-19.

At CCATS, we believe in evidence-based service provision by experienced professionals. As an organisation employing many primary caregivers, we recognise the value of educational providers. Furthermore, we recognise the valuable contributions of those working in health and social care, and businesses that support communities in various ways at both a local and national level. With this in mind, the series of wellbeing webinars have been specifically designed to be affordable, accessible and flexible, without compromising on standard.

The seminars will be delivered by experienced Psychologists and Therapists who have a wealth of experience delivering training and working across a range of sectors and specialised services. The live online sessions will include the provision of psychoeducation, practical evidence-based strategies, a resource booklet, and an opportunity for reflection/discussion.

The webinars will be delivered across a range of days and times to suit. Session dates and times are available on Eventbrite.

For more details about the virtual wellbeing centre and to view the available courses, please click here.

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