Coastal Child and Adult Therapeutic Services


“Central to the home’s success in providing previously troubled children and young people with a calm and reflective care environment is the registered provider’s relationship with Coastal Child and Adult Therapy Services (CCATS). Therapists and care staff at the home work well together to ensure that children and young people are offered care that is consistent with the home’s successful model of care.” – OFSTED

“Partnership with CCATS is key to the success of this approach, with CCATS operating as therapists, trainers and producing an insightful profile of the home’s staffing complement.” – OFSTED

“Our psychologist was really easy to work with, she kept in contact when needed and my young person spoke fondly of her. Also, I was really impressed with how the psychologist completed a separate report for the young person so that the recommendations could be shared with her. It was written in a really clear and concise way but also praised the young person for engaging with this. My young person was really pleased with the report and enjoyed reading through this with me. Your psychologist made the whole process smooth for everyone involved! The main report was also really detailed and the recommendations were clear.” – Senior Social Worker, Lancashire County Council

“Therapists work with the children and staff to develop strategies to support safe progress towards their goals. The highly effective planning and proactive safeguarding practice contributes to a significant reduction in risk and, consequently, to children’s sense of safety and stability.” – OFSTED

“Cohesive and effective working relationships between care staff, education staff and clinicians ensure that young people receive an individual and holistic package of support to address their identified needs. This high level of care and positive multi-agency working ensures that young people make progress from their individual starting points.” – OFSTED

“Just to let you all know that I feel you have done a magnificent job with my client, and long may it continue for him when he returns home to Northampton.” – Derek Amory, Social Worker

“I just want to put in writing how impressed I am with the CCATS service for young people and their families in this area. I am the manager of the Learning Support Centre at Central Lancaster High School. In the many years I have worked with young people I have not come across a service that is so efficient. The things that impress me are the speed of uptake of referrals, communication – calls are returned, workers keep me informed; professionalism of the workers – relationships are quickly built up with the young people and their families. I sincerely hope that this service continues long into the future. It would be so short sighted to cease it. Research has proven that early intervention is crucial in order to prevent long term enduring problems.” – Carole Hull