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In light of the ongoing Covid-19 (coronavirus) situation, CCATS have been involved in establishing a new online support hub for those affected by the pandemic, with colleagues from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The new hub provides online support and advice for frontline workers, their families, care home workers and military support personnel. Initially, this support will be focused on those living in north west England. The hub provides tiered support, which varies from providing relaxation techniques over video conferencing (tier 1), to more enhanced EMDR therapy for those experiencing acute distress as a result of the pandemic (tier 2).

CCATS was involved in setting up the service by providing psychological expertise and resources for the hub, and will be the community provider. Members of the CCATS team will be involved in the delivery of the support to individuals at both tiers.

For more information on the hub and the nature of the support available, please click here.

CCATS are pleased to announce that we now offer EMDR therapy online. The sessions would be delivered by one of our experienced EMDR practitioners, who have undertaken training with EMDR UK to facilitate the therapy effectively online.

Delivering therapy online is especially prominent with regards to the current issues relating to COVID-19, and where remote working may be the only option. However, online EMDR therapy could be another option if, for a variety of reasons, you are unable to attend the CCATS offices in-person. The benefits of online EMDR are that CCATS are able to reach a wide range of clients, both nationally and internationally, who would not routinely have the opportunity to access such intervention.

This information from EMDR UK may be helpful if you wish to consider accessing EMDR therapy online with a member of the CCATS team.

If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Julie Kershaw (

For the second year running, CCATS have won ‘Employer of the Year’ at the Wyre Business Awards! We are honored to win this award again, which reflects the hard work of the team who are delighted with the award. The trophy will take pride of place alongside our 2018 trophy and recent Investors in People win.

The Employer of the Year category is judged in respect of an open and inclusive work culture, inspiring leadership and management, staff training, retention and recruitment, innovative working environment, and encouraging young people to work in the organisation through apprenticeship or training schemes.

The celebration event was attended by over 300 business people from across the Wyre area. The judging panel included Steve Newsham, Reginal Director at The Regenda Group, and Scott Carswell, Site Director at NPL Group Hillhouse Technology Enterprise Zone.

Further details can be found on the Wyre Council website.

We are delighted to announce that CCATS have won the ‘Employer of the Year’ award from Investors in People! CCATS was shortlisted along with 10 other UK organisations for the award, which was announced on 19 November 2019. This award relates to the silver category for organisations of up to 49 people.

Investors in People are an independent not-for-profit organisation who are widely recognised in the UK and internationally for setting people standards in organisations.

This awards marks a significant achievement for the team. Julie Kershaw, CCATS Service Manager, said: “As I said when we found out we had been nominated, this achievement is totally about the CCATS team as a whole and the ethos of our organisation. I am so proud that we, as a team, have achieved this.”

The CCATS win will also feature in the Investors in People newsletter.

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories for the Wyre Business Awards 2019! The Wyre Business Awards celebrate achievement and success among businesses and organisations in the Wyre area.

For the second year running, CCATS have been shortlisted for “Employer of the Year” – in 2018, CCATS won in this category. We are also pleased to have been shortlisted for the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award”, which recognises an organisation’s positive impact in the local community, society or environment, and a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Finalists were chosen from many nominations across 22 award categories. The CCATS team are very proud to have been listed for this award, where people are at the heart of everything we do.

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony in Fleetwood on 5 December 2019.

Coastal Child and Adult Therapeutic Services are pleased to be holding a free Workshop event: Vicarious Trauma: Supporting Practitioners who work with traumatised clients. The workshop will take place at our Poulton office on Tuesday 19th November. Registration will be at 9:30am for a 10:00am start. The workshop will finish at 2:00pm.

This one day workshop is designed for practitioners who work with people who have experienced trauma, or for anyone who has an interest in this area.

The workshop will be delivered by Sam Keeley, a Forensic Psychologist in Training based at CCATS. Sam works with child, adolescent and adult clients in community services, providing therapeutic intervention and assessment. He also provides consultancy and support services for the residential care sector. He has experience delivering training in this and other areas. He is also an EMDR practitioner.

Coastal Child and Adult Therapeutic Services (CCATS) has been named as a leader in how they support their people to do their best work and go home feeling happier, healthier and stronger.

Being shortlisted in the Employer of the Year: Silver (up to 49 people) category in The Investors in People Awards 2019 is a fantastic achievement and something everyone at Coastal Child and Adult Therapeutic Services (CCATS) is really proud of.

Looking after your people is something that matters to all of us, and that’s why these awards are so special. These are the companies really getting it right. The ones we’re all learning from. The ones with new ideas.

Julie Kershaw, Service Manager at CCATS, commented: “We are really pleased that we have reached the finals, along with only eleven other companies! This achievement is totally about the CCATS team as a whole, the way everyone works together and supports each other and, as always, we can’t thank everyone enough for all their hard work and commitment to CCATS.”

Tickets to the awards ceremony are publicly available on the Investors in People website from the 12th September 2019. The full shortlist and more information about Investors in People can be found on that website.

We are pleased to announce that CCATS are holding a one day training workshop on child sexual exploitation at CCATS offices on Thursday 27 June from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

The event is designed for practitioners who work with children and adolescents, or for anyone who has an interest in the area. The workshop will be delivered by Dr. Kirsty Alderson, a Chartered and Registered Forensic Psychologist based at CCATS. Kirsty is undertaking a PhD and has published in the area of child sexual exploitation. Her PhD findings were presented to the Home Office.

The cost of this one-day event is £60 (excluding VAT). To book on to the workshop, please contact Richard Noble at

Members of the CCATS team receive the award. Photo courtesy of Mel Jones Photography Ltd.

We are delighted to announce that CCATS have won “Employer of the Year” at the Wyre Business Awards 2018!

The celebration event was attended by over 280 business people from across the Wyre area. The judging panel included Steve Newsham, Reginal Director at The Regenda Group, and Scott Carswell, Site Director at NPL Group Hillhouse Technology Enterprise Zone.

This award is a testament to what we have accomplished as a service over the years, and the entire team are extremely proud of this achievement!

Further details can be found on the Wyre Council website.

The CCATS Conference “Excellence Driven” was held on 28 September 2018 to showcase some of the excellent work that is being undertaken by the team. A summary of the talks are presented below.

Kirsty Alderson introduced the work of CCATS as a therapeutic service and outlined some of the provision and support on offer to children and adults. This was followed by a talk on her PhD research around child sexual exploitation and the implications for working with young people. The talk discussed the gaps in current knowledge around vulnerability and protective factors relating to child sexual exploitation, as well as how the literature could be utilised to provide quality assessment and interventions for those who are vulnerable, or those who have experienced sexual exploitation.

Dr. Carol Ireland presented on both risk assessment and staff exposure to trauma. The first talk discussed the expectations that should be met when completing risk assessment/psychologically informed reports, and the importance of evidence-based formulation to inform later therapeutic engagement. Dr. Ireland’s second presentation covered the findings of a systematic review into staff exposure to trauma when working with young people in care. It identified five main themes: (1) Lack of organisational support; (2) Lack of health work-life balance; (3) Lack of appropriate training; (4) Failure to use self-care techniques; and (5) Staff failure to share when they are experiencing symptoms.

Sam Keeley provided an overview of radicalisation based on the latest available evidence. It covered definitions and the nature and development of radicalisation, signs of potential radicalisation, and suggested courses for action.

Suzanne Bowden’s presentation focused upon the core components of the Life Minus Violence – Enhanced (Aggression and Harmful Sexual Behaviour) programme, an evidence based therapeutic intervention for adolescents and adults.  An overview of each module was presented and attention given to the theoretical underpinnings along with key components of the therapeutic approach.

The day was well-received and demonstrated the wide range of work that CCATS undertake with both children and adults.