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CCATS are running a free psychology conference concerning key topics in forensic and clinical settings. The conference, “Psychological Health: Advancement and Understanding”, will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 23 February 2022, from 9:00am to 4:15pm (GMT).

There are a range of talks from CCATS staff, many of whom are active in their research fields, as well as a keynote presentation from Dr. Kathryn Gardner from the University of Central Lancashire. You can view the full conference information below, including the schedule, speaker biographies and abstracts.

Places are limited. Please contact Dr. Carol Ireland on if you would like to attend!

CCATS offer a range of specialist training. Please visit our training and events page for more information.

CCATS is developing a training package for staff who work in educational settings with young people or adults who present with harmful sexual behaviour.

This is a training package which aims to help educational providers meet needs identified in Ofsted’s recent review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges and new inspection requirements.

The training will include definitions, examples, and consideration of age (in)appropriate sexual behaviours, psychological models which explain the occurrence of the behaviour, and ways to respond and manage HSB. CCATS is an organisation that has worked therapeutically with harmful sexual behaviour in young people and adults for over 10 years and our clinicians look forward to sharing this expertise through training delivery.

See our Training and Events page or contact CCATS on

Last week, Kimberley McNeill and Katie Lambert delivered a wellbeing course to staff at The Cartford Inn, that was focused on strategies to maximise psychological wellbeing.

Feedback from the trainees noted that the session was “very positive and welcome”. One trainee said that after the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the session was “really refreshing speaking to a professional about implementing positive changes to improve wellbeing/advice for ourselves and other employees”.

For more information about how CCATS can provide tailored support to your organisation’s staff, please visit the CCATS Virtual Wellbeing Centre.

River Wyre near The Cartford Inn. Picture courtesy of The Cartford Inn

Professor Jane Ireland has delivered a podcast on aggression in forensic settings for “The Forensic Psychology Podcast” series.

This is a series of popular podcasts hosted by Sally Tilt and Dr. Kerensa Hocken from HM Prison and Probation Service Psychology team on a variety of issues relating to forensic psychology.

Click here to listen to the podcast, which covers definitions of aggression, assessment, and treatment issues.

CCATS are pleased to announce the development of a new a virtual wellbeing centre which offers a series of webinars for organisations who employ individuals who may have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Statistics indicate that over 90% of employees within the United Kingdom have faced challenges to their wellbeing in 2020 alone. Many employers have reported a general decline in the emotional and physical wellbeing of their employees as a result of Covid-19.

At CCATS, we believe in evidence-based service provision by experienced professionals. As an organisation employing many primary caregivers, we recognise the value of educational providers. Furthermore, we recognise the valuable contributions of those working in health and social care, and businesses that support communities in various ways at both a local and national level. With this in mind, the series of wellbeing webinars have been specifically designed to be affordable, accessible and flexible, without compromising on standard.

The seminars will be delivered by experienced Psychologists and Therapists who have a wealth of experience delivering training and working across a range of sectors and specialised services. The live online sessions will include the provision of psychoeducation, practical evidence-based strategies, a resource booklet, and an opportunity for reflection/discussion.

The webinars will be delivered across a range of days and times to suit. Session dates and times are available on Eventbrite.

For more details about the virtual wellbeing centre and to view the available courses, please click here.

Online Training via Zoom
9th November 2020, 9.30am – 4pm, UK time
Cost: £48 (Including VAT)
Email for bookings:

CCATS are excited to offer training for individuals who work directly with victims of IPV, or those who expect to in the future. It will also be helpful for individuals who do not work directly with victims but wish to develop their knowledge on IPV. Specifically, it will cover:

  • What Intimate Partner Violence is.
  • The background of Intimate Partner Violence.
  • Intimate Partner Violence perpetration.
  • Management of abuse within abusive relationships.
  • Methods to support victims of Intimate Partner Violence.

The training aims to increase individuals’ understanding of the theory that underpins IPV perpetration and how abusive behaviours are managed by those in the abusive relationships. It also aims to develop individuals’ knowledge and confidence in skills that can be applied when working with victims effectively.

For bookings, please email:

Tom Nally, one of our Forensic Psychologists in Training, is currently looking for participants to complete his PhD research.

He is conducting a series of studies that will build a model of victim safety strategies. This particular study would like to recruit individuals who have experienced intimate partner violence (or domestic violence) but are not currently in an abusive relationship.

For queries relating to the study, please contact Tom at

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 (coronavirus) situation, CCATS have been involved in establishing a new online support hub for those affected by the pandemic, with colleagues from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The new hub provides online support and advice for frontline workers, their families, care home workers and military support personnel. Initially, this support will be focused on those living in north west England. The hub provides tiered support, which varies from providing relaxation techniques over video conferencing (tier 1), to more enhanced EMDR therapy for those experiencing acute distress as a result of the pandemic (tier 2).

CCATS was involved in setting up the service by providing psychological expertise and resources for the hub, and will be the community provider. Members of the CCATS team will be involved in the delivery of the support to individuals at both tiers.

For more information on the hub and the nature of the support available, please click here.

CCATS are pleased to announce that we now offer EMDR therapy online. The sessions would be delivered by one of our experienced EMDR practitioners, who have undertaken training with EMDR UK to facilitate the therapy effectively online.

Delivering therapy online is especially prominent with regards to the current issues relating to COVID-19, and where remote working may be the only option. However, online EMDR therapy could be another option if, for a variety of reasons, you are unable to attend the CCATS offices in-person. The benefits of online EMDR are that CCATS are able to reach a wide range of clients, both nationally and internationally, who would not routinely have the opportunity to access such intervention.

This information from EMDR UK may be helpful if you wish to consider accessing EMDR therapy online with a member of the CCATS team.

If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Julie Kershaw (