Coastal Child and Adult Therapeutic Services

Consultancy to Organisations

We provide a bespoke consultancy service for an organisation’s needs. Consultants within our organisation have previously consulted on:

  • The setting up of new clinical services (e.g. forensic, clinical);
  • The development and implementation of various organisational policies (e.g. bullying and harassment, staff sickness, safeguarding children);
  • Consultancy during and post critical incidents (e.g. barricades, roof-top protests, hostage-taking, deliberate self-injury);
  • The development, initiation and management of psychological therapies (group or individual);
  • Various consultations with professional bodies (e.g. British Psychological Society).

Expectations of consultancy

We aim to ensure all consultancy is conducted in a manner that meets your expectations. To this end, all consultancy will be:

  • Aiming to support the organisation in understanding the presenting problem/issue;
  • Assisting in diagnosing the problem/issue;
  • Supporting the organisation in managing the problem/issue;
  • Encouraging an environment, where helpful, that supports learning and change;
  • Conducted by a consultant with experience in the presenting area.

With our consultants you can expect:

  • Objectivity;
  • Consultants who are able to listen and understand the issue;
  • Assistance in empowering an organisation;
  • Help managing any uncertainty;
  • Collaborative working;
  • To be responsive to the type of relationship needed (e.g. service provider, mentor, support).

Consultants profile

Consultants within our organisation are carefully selected. All have previous backgrounds in extensive consultancy both nationally and/or internationally. Our consultants have undertaken specific training, and some have professional qualifications in this area, such as MBAs. We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service that can support an organisation. Often our consultants have published in the area of consultancy and/or have extensive publication backgrounds that are relevant.