Coastal Child and Adult Therapeutic Services

CCATS Virtual Wellbeing Centre

CCATS have developed a virtual wellbeing centre which offers a series of webinars for organisations who employ individuals who may have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

WHO are the webinars aimed at?

  • Any organisation that wishes to prioritise staff wellbeing within their organisation*.
  • Organisations wishing to provide a cost efficient and easily accessible service to their valued staff members.
  • Any individual independent of an organisation who would like to attend any of the webinars.
  • Individuals who work shift patterns and/or who have other commitments and would benefit from webinars delivered across various days and times.
  • Harder to reach staff who may work remotely and/or prefer online methods of support provision.

*If your organisation would like a more bespoke experience, webinars can be individualised to meet specific organisational needs and offered solely to staff within your organisation. This would include a 1 hour consultation with the service prior to delivery where a short needs assessment will be undertaken. Organisations wishing to utilise this service should contact in the first instance.

WHO will deliver the webinars?

The seminars will be delivered by experienced Psychologists and Therapists who have a wealth of experience delivering training and working across a range of sectors and specialised services.

All facilitators work clinically with child, adolescent, and adult clients in forensic and community services, providing therapeutic intervention and psychological assessment. This enables the integration of practical skills and approaches, as informed by psychological literature and theory.

WHAT can I expect from the webinars?

  • Highly affordable webinars: sessions are charged at £15 + VAT per session, per person. Prices for the bespoke service are highly competitive and discussed upon initial consultation.
  • A flexible virtual/online experience with no more than 15 people attending each session.
  • Delivery of webinars over a safe and secure online platform (Zoom Professional) with access requiring the use of a session specific meeting code and password.
  • 1-2 hour webinars including the provision of psychoeducation, practical evidence-based strategies, a resource booklet, and an opportunity for reflection/discussion.
  • The webinars will always be LIVE, thus allowing an interactive experience and maximising engagement. This will enable attendees to ask questions, reflect on aspects of their learning and to engage with other professionals/individuals should they wish to do so. Sessions will never be pre-recorded, and delivery will be underpinned by literature relating to effective education provision, inclusivity, and technology facilitated learning.
  • Input from highly skilled professionals.
  • A series of webinars which have been designed so that they can be attended individually, as it is recognised that this is more cost and time effective for individuals/organisations with more specific needs. However, the content of each session also builds upon the last in an iterative manner, thus offering a wellbeing package for those requiring a more holistic experience.

Webinar content and booking

Recognise and Reflect

  • This webinar focuses on the various potential impacts of the pandemic on ourselves, our colleagues, our families and work related demands.
  • Before we can manage our responses, we must firstly recognise and accept what these are.
  • This session will also include discussion of an impacts checklist which can assist effective management of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 


  • This webinar is both psychoeducation and skills based.
  • It focuses on the regulation of thoughts, emotions and behaviour, with discussion relating to the cognitive triangle.
  • Practical and evidence-based strategies will be outlined to facilitate the effective management of emotions and distress.
  • This session will also include strategies to encourage attendees to ‘regulate and not ruminate’ by focusing on radical acceptance and thought scheduling strategies.


  • This webinar focuses on methods/approaches that enhance physical, emotional, social and psychological wellbeing.
  • This will include the provision of psychoeducation on nutrition, sleep hygiene, digital wellbeing, exercise, and achieving a work/life balance.
  • A skills based component will focus on mindfulness.


  • This webinar focuses on how we can look forward to the future and implement healthy habits to maintain and further enhance wellbeing.
  • This will include the discussion of strategies relating to building resilience, maximising personal strengths, and developing adaptability.
  • A skills based component will focus on improving skills for flexible thinking.


  • This webinar captures how we can effectively respond to individuals experiencing challenges as a result of changes that may have occurred within their work or personal life. This may include colleagues, employees, service users, friends and/or family members.
  • It focuses on the development of a humanistic approach as opposed to procedural response, which varies across organisations.

WHEN can I expect the webinars to take place?

The webinars will be delivered across a range of days and times. Session dates and times are available on Eventbrite. Delegates can book as many or as few sessions as they would like across each week until they have completed the desired number of sessions.

This allows individuals to determine the pace of their own engagement, enhances autonomy, and offers flexibility around other work related/family priorities.

WHY should I consider attending the webinars?

Statistics indicate that over 90% of employees within the United Kingdom have faced challenges to their wellbeing in 2020 alone. Many employers have reported a general decline in the emotional and physical wellbeing of their employees as a result of Covid-19.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation employing individuals, recent times have emphasised the importance of self-care and maintaining psychological well-being.

Specific benefits of enhancing well-being for individuals and organisations can include:

Benefits for individualsBenefits for organisations
Reduced stress and anxietyGeneration of a collaborative, inclusive & supportive workplace culture
Improved physical health and wellbeingDemonstration of commitment to the wellbeing of valued staff members
Better quality sleepIncreased productivity and maximising the potential of employees
Improvements to mood and ability to relax/switch off.Increased employee satisfaction and morale
Increased productivity leading to achievement of personal and professional goalsIncreased staff perception of safety, security and connectedness
Improved functioning within relationshipsReduction in absenteeism as a result of mental health related factors
Increased sense of self-worth, self-esteem, self-actualisation, and confidenceImproved staff retention and employee benefits
Access to emotional support, also allowing you to effectively support others
Increase in reflective skills and repertoire of cognitive-behavioural strategies
Greater sense of connection and purpose
Development of effective coping strategies for future challenges

At CCATS, we believe in evidence-based service provision by experienced professionals. As an organisation employing many primary caregivers, we recognise the value of educational providers. Furthermore, we recognise the valuable contributions of those working in health and social care, and businesses that support communities in various ways at both a local and national level. With this in mind, the series of wellbeing webinars have been specifically designed to be affordable, accessible and flexible, without compromising on standard.

CCATS recognise the need to be responsive and work alongside individuals and organisations who require our services yet may not have the resources to attend courses of a longer duration at the current time. We recognise that time is our most precious commodity, therefore sessions are intentionally designed to be short yet informative, thus maximising the use of available time and resources.

Moreover, we believe that individuals should be empowered to select which webinars they attend based on their individual needs and requirements. This reduces the financial and time implications of attending courses where the full content may not be required or considered necessary.

There has never been a more important time to make wellbeing a priority. Please visit Eventbrite or contact today for further information and booking details.