Coastal Child and Adult Therapeutic Services


Theraplay is a child and family therapy that works to promote healthy child-caregiver attachment and relationship-building. Theraplay works by regulating the lower parts of the brain, which supports a child’s ability to manage emotions, known as emotion regulation. Evidence (e.g., Munns, 2003; Smithee et al., 2021; Tucker et al., 2017) shows that theraplay can really help children gain more emotional regulation.

The advantage of theraplay is that it can be delivered to children with a diverse range of needs, including those who are aggressive, depressed, over-active, have phobias, difficulty socialising, or are withdrawn. Theraplay is also beneficial for children with learning disabilities and developmental delays.

The therapy is usually delivered in 20 sessions of around 20-40 minutes each, following an initial assessment session that is offered to the child and caregiver to set goals and expectations of theraplay. Based on this assessment appointment, our CCATS therapists will tailor activities to support the child’s needs. Sessions are interactive and playful, and may include ball games, singing, and rocking.

Theraplay is usually offered to children aged 0 to 12, although specially tailored sessions can be delivered to adolescents.

CCATS staff trained in theraplay: